Monday, July 8, 2013

TAL Releases Bassline-101

In case you missed it (and odds are, you did -  it seemed to be a quiet announcement), Togu Audio Line released the full version of their new Bassline 101 synth this weekend.  Although the original (free) Bassline synth did share the same sort of specs as the Roland SH-101, it didn't sound much like the real deal.  All that has changed with the commercial version, Bassline 101, which is a ground-up redesign.  I picked it up and gave it a quick whirl this evening and they've done an amazing job emulating the 101.  The sequencer can get you close to MC-202 territory as well, complete with slides.  For a limited time, you can pick it up for only $40 (the regular price will be $60).

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Denis Chernov said...

It sounds like a great addition and you are right - I, for one, missed the news about it. Actually, I have been looking for something that would give me the sound of Roland series. How would you compare this particular soft synth to D16 Group LuSH-101? Are they somewhat alike? I wanted to get myself Roland SH201, but it is not available anywhere. Speaking of the emulations, do you know of any VSTi that would sound close to Roland's JP8000? :) Or what would be the closest hardware alternative for it?
Thank you again for your amazing blog! :)