Monday, January 28, 2013

XILS-Labs Releases LaMasque Delay 1.5

XILS-Labs has released what they call a "major revision" of their LaMasque Delay plug-in.  LaMasque will also be on sale until February 20th for 20% off at only $58.  Here's the details:
  •  FREEZE/DUB button: When this function is engaged, it will read the "loop" of the delay until you disengage it. The one and only solution for huge DubDelays. It can also be used to generate all sorts of interesting loops and textures, and allows you to keep playing and improvising over the loop, in Live or improvisation situations
  • LOCK DRY/WET LEVEL Button: You can now browse all presets while preserving the Dry/Wet level ratio you have set. This feature is very handy to experiment with the 120+ presets currently available in the factory libary.
  • 16 Masks instead of 8: Like in our Oxium synthesizer, you can now benefit of a larger number of Masks, or grid zones. More possibilitites that are especially usefull combined with the new multiSelect and MultiEdit features of the Masks.
  • MultiMasks selections: The only way to approach real complex grooves, or to edit in a fast and intuitive way. You can now select several Masks with a combination of different techniques, and move their locations, or change all their locators with a single mouse drag. Three fast buttons to select ALL MASKS, ODD MASKS, or EVEN MASKS. Or the combination CTRL + CLICK to select continuous or discontinuous Masks. MouseOver of a mask will now select it automatically. Background color and shape changes will reflect the status of each Mask ( Selected, Unselected )
  •  Display of the incoming audio signal inside the Grid Area: Everybody will love this feature, that will drastically improve workflow, speed of use, and represent a giant step in the global ease of use of Masks based instruments. It's so cute you could spend hours just playing and watching it. Its not only cosmetics, it will greatly help you positionning the Masks exactly where you need them while you play a part.
  • Revamped management of the Masks locators: When you approach the right locator of a mask with the mouse, it will gradually turn Red, : you can then safely move it ( Green is the color for the right locator). In the V1 version you could move a mask by accident while wanting to only change its length, the V1.5 behaviour completely removes this possible confusion.
  •  New Level Toggle for the Masks Level Parameter: When this button is on, the delay signal will only be heard if the incoming level is over the Mask Level. It therefore acts like a treshold parameter, and its a great tool for playing and experimenting Live, or to find quickly the best Masks configuration while moving them on the grid..
  • New Zoom Function: Zoom x4 the grid area for accurate editing of the position and lenght of the masks.
  • New Presets & video tutorials (see below): around 50 new presets have been added to get you started. The focus have been put to add usefull presets like Slap Back Delays, PingPong Delays, Resonators, Pseudo Spring Reverb delays, et etc. The number of presets in the factory library is now over 120
  • Installers: You can now choose the format you want to be installed on your system (VST, RTAS, AU)
Fixed bugs
  • Windows: With certain combinations of Daws/Systems, the GUI could become sluggish. Now fixed
  • Windows 7 RTAS: now installing fine.
  • RTAS version: now alaways in perfect sync with all Protools versions (also decimal tempo is now working )"

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