Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Sample Friday: SQ-80 Harp

The Ensoniq SQ-80 is a synth that changed my life.  And I don't say that to mean that it is the greatest synth ever - it's not - but to say that, quite literally when I bought an SQ-80 my freshman year in high school, it set the stage for what would eventually become my career to the present day.  I'd previously owned a Korg Poly-800 and DDM-110 Drum Machine, but with the SQ-80's eight part multi-timbrality and the built-in multitrack sequencer, I could finally build full songs without the tedium of ping-ponging tracks on my 4-track recorder. (MAN, do I not miss those days!)  The very first Assemblage 23 songs were ones I built on this machine, and although I sold the original one I had, I later ended up re-buying it because I missed it so much.

Today's free sample selection comes via the Ensoniq SQ-80 and the harp preset it shipped with.  I'm not sure it sounds like a harp so much as it does a marimba of some sort, but I always liked the sound.  10 multisampled 24-bit/44.1k WAV files weighing in around 2.5 MB.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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