Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Sample Friday: Monotribe Beats

The weekend is almost here, and that means it's free sample time!  Today is a mini-pack of 8 drum loops I programmed on the Korg Monotribe's tiny analog drum selection.  The loops are included both as WAV files at 120 BPM, and as REX2 files, which can transpose it among a wider tempo range.



Joshua said...

Awesome, thanks for those, Tom

bb said...

Thanks for these.

Do you have a license or something on your site relating to the samples? I always like to keep a copy with the samples just so I know. Some times people just put a copy in the folder.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I was checking out a free samples forum post at a Discount Music Samples website. when a link sent me here. what is your usage policy on these samples?

Unknown said...

link isn't working at the moment