Monday, August 13, 2012

Togu Audio Line Releases TAL-U-No-LX

Togu Audio Line, creators of tons of well-regarded freeware plug-ins and instruments, have released their first commercial instrument, U-No-LX, a synth inspired by the Roland Juno-60.

Given that the freeware U-No-62 already emulates this instrument, you may ask what makes the paid version worth paying for?  This isn't merely an update of the old plug-in, but a ground-up re-coding aimed at bringing the sound quality up to more "professional" standards with new features such as zero feedback delay filters, portamento, increased filter LFO waveforms, and more.

U-No-LX will be regularly priced at $70, but for a limited time, Togu Audio Line are offering it for a mere $35.  A small price to pay to support someone who has given so much to the freeware scene for Mac and Windows alike.

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Avalon-Zone said...

Unfortunately since the DIVA I think that buying another VA isn't an option...