Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Linplug Releases CRX4 Softsynth

Plug-in developers Linplug have released CRX4, the latest iteration of their ChronoX synth - or is it?  While CRX4 does build on the ChronoX legacy, it changes the workflow, abandons a few older features, and introduces tons of new ones including:

- Filter saturation can be modulated

- Loaded loop sampler presets have samples now loaded successively (no gaps)

- Filter may be routed in serial or parallel
- LFO's speed can be modulated

- Up to 4 loop samplers

- Invisible, automatic master limiter

- Envelopes switchable between ADSFR and AHDSR mode

- Envelopes shape now individually adjustable for every phase

- Switchable MIDI Program/bank change (may be disabled in setup)

- Chorus now with invert switch

- Oscillators can be run up to +12 dB now

- Oscillators allow +-5 octave pitch modulation now (+-3 or -2/+5 before)

- Oscillator FM and AM now with much wider range (more intensity)

- Oscillator balance can be modulated

- All-on-one-edit-page design

- Larger sample display

- Extended envelope parameter modulation (sustain, hold)

- LFO frequency range up to 275 Hz

- New LFO waveforms (impulse, peak and random pulse)

- LFO one-shot mode

- Symmetry now working for LFO Noise too

- New noise oscillator with double filter, pitching and cross modulation

- Reworked oscillator with variable aliasing (thus compatible with CronoX 2 and 3).

- Switchable CronoX 2 sound compatibility (automatically on loading CronoX 2 presets).

- Editing functions (typically load, save, copy, paste and init for many modules)

- All sample content comes now in WAV format (for easier processing outside CrX4)

- New preset browser with full size bank or patch view

- MIDI-CC indicators next to preset name

- About 300 reworked CronoX 3 presets + about 200 new presets

CRX4 retails for $149.  Or, upgrade from ChronoX 2 or 3 for $29.

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