Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sound Samples from Waveformless Soundware's DIVA Prima Soundset

Here are some audio demos from the soundset I released last night for the excellent u-he DIVA synth.  Everything you hear is coming straight out of DIVA - including the drums - and only the onboard effects were used.

You can buy these 128 sounds for only $9.99 here. 


line of control said...

Very nice sounds...

Sounds a likes:

1) Only You- Yaz
2)Every day is like Halloween- Bauhaus
3)Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan
4)Behind the Wheel (US Remix)- Depeche mode
5)Computer Love- Kraftwerk
6) ???

got me on those last two Tom!

Tom said...

2 - Was actually Ministry, not Bauhaus, but you got the song title right!

6 - "Hello Again" by the Cars
7 - Loosely based on rhythm is a dancer by snap, more meant to demo the Latelybass preset soundalike.

line of control said...

Jeezus H. Christ...Brainfart.

What the hell was I thinking...Bauhaus... I should be shot...Don't know why I thought that. Must have been the Bela Legosi connection...

Avalon-Zone said...

I've just purchased it and I must admit that I"m enjoying it a lot... Good job Tom ! You managed to lay out all those vintage sounds that we all love... I hope to see another presets like this for the DIVA which is just awesome for a "simple" VSTi