Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Sample Friday: Electric River

Last weekend, my brother-in-law Jess married his long-time girlfriend Allie in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Sandy, OR.  My wife and I stayed with family in a rental house right by the Sandy River.  I've taken to bringing my Zoom H2 with me whenever I travel to grab cool sounds, so two of today's free sample selections are long ambient recordings of the river.  One is taken from approximately 2 feet from the water, and the other is taken about 100 feet from the bank.  Both recordings are around 2 minutes and loop fairly easily.  I like to keep recordings like this on my computer when I travel to provide some white noise when the hotel turns out to be a loud place.  Pull it up in my audio editor of choice, loop a portion, and it'll play all night and without the obvious loop points of some white noise machines and apps.  These recordings could also serve as interesting alternatives to white noise for synthesizing percussion, whooshes, and sound effects.

The third recording is of the electric sounds produced by a massive high-tension electrical tower.  My wife had stopped to take a picture of Mt. Hood in this clearing and when we got out of the car we heard this massive, eerie crackling of the electricity flowing in the wires above us, much like the water in the river.

Because these are long recordings, I have made them available as downloadable files on Soundcloud.  Enjoy!

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