Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Lifesaver for Long-time Logic Users

So, about a month from now, my band and I will be embarking on a 7 week tour of the U.S. promoting my new album.  As a special treat for our fans in LA, we're doing a second show where we'll be performing the entire 2001 album that sort of "broke" us into the scene, ironically entitled "Failure".

So, over the past week, my plan was to load up all the old Logic files and give everything a fresh mix given that I've had over a decade of production experience and learning since recording it.  The problem is, this album was done in Logic 5, and the current version of Logic won't open files that old due to a radical change in the file format.  You can use Logic 7 to convert files to the new format, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get it to install on my system.  Panic set it.  This was potentially a big show for us and now it looked like it might not be possible to do.

Luckily for me, an enterprising gent named Greg saw a void for some sort of third party conversion service and started eLogic-X, which does precisely that.  The service works like this... you contact Greg via his website and send him JUST the old Logic files (not the audio, etc.).  Greg then sends you a sample conversion for you to test, and if it works on your system, you pay him via PayPal and he does the rest for super cheap (between $2.50 and $3.50 per file depending on the quantity).

Less than 24 hours after my initial panic, I had all the converted files working in Logic Pro without a hitch and was back on target for our special show.  If anyone out there is looking for this kind of service, I highly recommend it.


Unknown said...

Would you consider releasing a "remixed" version of Failure? I love that album to bits but the mixing is a bit flat and it would be wonderful to get to hear what it would sound like mixed with what you know today.

Line of Control said...

would you consider doing the entire album in Toronto too???

pretty please with curry sauce on top?

Sean said...

Seconding the request for a new release of Failure!

Tom said...

We'll see. There seems to be some interest in it, but I'm just not sure. As far as performing it in Toronto... wouldn't be against it if we were made an offer. We're going to have to take a break from live shows after the US tour for a little while, though.

Line of Control said...

What kind of offer do you speak of good sir?

Joshua said...

Wow that is awesome and good to know (@ the conversion service).

Any plans to video the "Failure" show?