Thursday, January 6, 2011

TAL Releases TAL-Reverb 3

Kings of cross-platform free plug-ins Togu Audio Line have released TAL-Reverb III, the latest version of their stereo plate reverb plug-in.

  • Plate reverb sound.
  • One simple room size control.
  • Predelay up to one second.
  • EQ section (12dB cut, low shelf filter at 1000Hz, high shelf filter at 200Hz)
  • Stereo width control (from full stereo to mono).
  • Stereo input mode (mono or stereo intput).
  • Displays the slider value of the active fader.
  • A meter shows the output volume.
  • 10 factory presets.
  • Made with the juce framework and open source.

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