Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Akai Introduces the SynthStation

Back in November, I made a post about Music Computing's new line of controllers, one of which included a dock for your laptop. I thought this was a very cool idea, but most people seemed to balk at the price which, while certainly cheaper than Open Lab's offerings, still weren't cheap.

I think Akai might be onto something with their latest offering, the SynthStation 49. This 49-key controller includes a dock to accommodate your iPad, allowing you to use your favorite iOS synths like a "real" synth. With the iPad being very popular among musicians, this type of product could become a lot more common. What do you think?

[via CreateDigitalMusic]

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Joël Bisson said...

This would be a great idea if they released samplesynth for the iOS by Akai but this looks like a good idea for IPad's now that iMS-20 by Korg is worth getting, all that is left is a IK Multimedia MIDI adapter for the iPAD and we'd have a studio with a cool instrument controller, I have a Nintendo DS for Korg DS-10 emulation of Korg's MS-10 and I make presets on that too!!!