Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Extreme Stretched Drum Sounds

PaulStretch (Mac version here) has been making the rounds on the internet quite a bit in the past week with viral clips of the Jurassic Park Theme slowed down 1000%, and the previous Justin Beiber experiment. So today's selection are six drum sounds stretched 10-50x. The stretching eliminates a lot of the percussive element, so these are probably more useful as special effects than actual drum sounds. 6 sounds, 24-bit wavs, about 14.5 MB.

EDIT: Sorry for the bad link... that's what I get for waiting until late at night to put the post together. Link is fixed now.


Gerald said...

As always, thank you, Tom! But I am afraid that's currently the wrong link ;-)

Anonymous said...


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