Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Nasty, Distorted Drum Loops

Today's free sample selection consists of 10 drum loops at 128 BPM that have been filtered and distorted within an inch of their lives. If you like to keep it safe, these aren't for you. Most of these would best be used underneath the main drum track versus acting as the drum track in iteself. Enjoy!



djTomServo said...

Much Obliged! These will go great into my current project i bet!

Joël Bisson said...

I love these samples and would like to use them in a song, is there any possible way I could re-creat this song for samples like bonesaw???
I would like to see a post on your blog about such topics and may you post sysex midi data on your blog for synths you have like the Waldorf Microwave or the Access Virus, ect. ect.???

I would like to see more drum looped beats either distorted or not distorted like these samples!!