Sunday, January 2, 2011

Magic Echo PALette Synth on eBay

Anyone know about this one? You can read a bit more about it here.

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rita said...

I have one. I actually won this auction. Can't find much info about it on the web except their own site. I've got lots of other synths and have owned many others. This thing has a totally unique quality that is unlike anything I've ever heard. I am a sucker for analogue classics and this stands right up to the meanest basses I can produce on my old Roland 101 or my 303. It has something that is like one of the old Moog modulars but at $600 bucks is of coarse much easier on the budget. In saying that, don't be confused, this is nowhere near to a mini or anything like my slim phatty. Those things are like nice refined gentlemen compared to the Palette which would then have to be described as a raging, frothing lunatic. One other Moog that could be in a similar vein might be the Rogue or better yet the Concertmate. Those can make some of the tones that this thing does. All in all I love this thing and dialing up a nasty metallic, full bodied, fat tone is a real pleasure. Then to hear it blasting from the speakers with my Jomox or Vermona, or an 808 is pure heaven.