Monday, October 25, 2010

LinPlug Introduces MorphoX

Developers LinPlug have released a new softsynth called MorphoX, whose speciality is morphing smoothly between sounds for new levels of expression.

Key features include:

"- the sound can be continuously morphed between two individual sounds including effects using the modulation wheel.
- powerfull yet easy to operate subtractive sound engine with many extraordinary modulation options (its a LinPlug)
- Stereo Filter with simultaneous low pass, band pass and high pass and Filter FM
- Modulation Matrix (10 routings, 20+ sources, 40+ destinations)
- user programable 16 step Arpeggiator
- Microtonal support (TUN file import)"

MorphoX retails for $129 is available for both PC and Mac.


Anthony said...

Nice. Been done a few times over by Yamaha with the an1x, cs1x, cs2x, and cs6x though.

fractured said...

Yes, nice. But Anthony, this is in software. No need to carry a hardware synth around with you to connect to your laptop when you want to play it.