Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Sample Friday: Chopping Wood

Today's free sample Friday comes to us from reader Darren Halm. I'll let him do the honors:

"I have a bunch of samples I took yesterday of me chopping wood in my front yard. I'm actually whacking a heavy metal dowel with the back of an axe head. The resulting sound of metal hitting metal, coupled with some nice natural reverb from the surrounding lake and hill prompted me to grab my H4 and get them. I just roughly normalized and exported the markers in Peak, so they tend to tail out a bit; I figure most people are throwing them in a sampler with comprehensive ADSR so this wouldn't be a problem. "

13 sounds in all, saved as AIFF files. Be sure to check out Darren's music at as well as "The Wretch" on which Darren also appears:



benebomber said...

Wow, thanks for the samples! Really nice and inspiring!!!

Darren_Halm said...

Thanks! I'm old school, I love the sound of metal snares. I like to layer samples like these with a simple wimpy snare like a 909: cuts right through.

Anonymous said...

Darren Halm, eh?

Today is wings opening day, and Darren Helm plays for the Wings. A sign, perhaps?


dyerjuano said...

once again you done good job. free stuff

Mike said...

The samples are great :) Very nice post thanks a lot. Have some free samples by mail as a reward. Maybe you can find some interesting stuff there. Again thanks and Best Regards!