Saturday, August 9, 2008

This Man is Going to be a Millionaire

Celemony just posted a new "behind the scenes" look at the technology behind the upcoming new version of Melodyne. I don't know a single musician who doesn't want this program. The implications are pretty staggering, especially because it is easy to imagine the NEXT generation of this technology making it possible to rearrange notes within a full arrangement. Also, I am pretty sure if I smoked his beard clippings I would be high for a week straight.


nulldevice said...

A *week*? My god, man, smnoke his beard clippings and you'll likely change your brain chemistry forever.

I think just being in the presence of his beard is wnough for a serious contact buzz.

He and Rhys Fulber should have a beard-off. Maybe get Fanale in there too.

Tom said...

Excellent idea! Perhaps we could get James Hetfield to judge if they'll let him on the plane...