Friday, August 22, 2008

The Making of Peter Gabriel's "Security"

In two parts... these are quite long, but hell, it's Friday, and I know you're probably all screwing around at work anyway. "Security" was the first Peter Gabriel album I ever bought, and it made an amazing impact on me. I bought it on an elementary school trip to Montreal back when I lived in New Hampshire. I bought it on cassette and listened to it on my Walkman. I was so hypnotized by the album, that I declined joining my classmates on a trip to an amusement park so I could just sit and listen to the album over and over. To this day, it remains one of my favorite albums and I think if you removed some of the flanging and phasing effects that sort of date it, it still sounds far ahead of a lot of electronic music that's made today. Anyway, if you share my love of the album, this documentary is fascinating to watch, as it reveals a lot of the sources of the sounds used on the album, early versions of the songs, as well as the inspiration behind the music.

Part One

Part Two


Anonymous said...

Will see all, Tom. I like Peter old things... And you are not the one that gave up to do thingd to really listen music. Hehehehe.

bughouse said...

thanks for posting these...! one of my all time favorites as well. brings back so many strong, deep, meaningful memories.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard PG4 referred to as 'Security' before... do all his albums have names in other (non-UK) locales?

Anonymous said...

that's a great piece. i had no idea PG had so much to do with world music even back then.

'security' was possibly just a working title for the album?

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