Monday, August 4, 2008

23db Records Signs Burikusu!!!

Okay, the blog should be back to normal this week, but if I may start things out with a bit of crass commercialism, I'd like to tell you about a new band I have signed to my label.

23db Records, the independent electronic music label I run, is proud to announce the addition of Sweden's Burikusu!!! to the label's roster. The band will release their debut album, entitled 2080, on 23db Records later this fall as both a physical CD and via digital distribution.

Burikusu!!! is the brainchild of Claes Johanson (creator of the critically acclaimed Vember Audio Surge softsynth and DSP programmer for Ableton Live) and Timmy Nilsson. Musically, the band is a highly technical mix of stuttering rhythms, haunting melodies, and severely manipulated vocals, all the while fearlessly melding elements of IDM, synthpop, hip-hop, experimental, and even straight up pop. The result is an astonishing melange of futuristic beats and forward-thinking programming that gracefully leaps over the cutting edge and bravely forges ahead into previously uncharted terrirtories.

But enough of the label hyperbole. Check them out for yourself at: �

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bughouse said...

wow - really cool stuff! can't wait.