Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mac Software for the Weak of Will

Found via The Music of Sound:

The other day I read an article that said when the average worker checks their email during the work day, it takes them an average of 16 minutes to get back to the task at hand. The irony of this is that I was reading the article when I really should've been finishing a remix I was working on.

If you're a Mac user and are easily distracted by shiny things on the internet, a new utility called Freedom may help. Basically, the program deactivates your network connections for a user-defined period of time, so even if you WANT to, you can't check your email, sign on to chat programs, or waste hours arguing with people you don't know on Fark. The program is free to try, but the author asks for a $10 donation if you find the program useful.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if a program can be made to block cell phone transmissions and outside telephone use. When I worked in Corporate America, cell phones and land line phones were also a big distraction.

Tom said...

Perhaps in V2 heh

djprocyon said...

Holy crap, I've just been thinking of ways to limit my Interweb dawdlings :)
Many thanks for the heads-up, Tom!!

Darkmaer said...

wow hope something like this comes out for windows...or i find $2,000 in my couch (since i have been wanting a mac for quite some time).