Friday, August 29, 2008

Special Offer on Cakewalk Rapture and DimensionPro

From the Cakewalk website:

—Owners of Apple's Logic Pro and Garageband, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo, Digidesign Pro Tools LE/HD, Ableton Live, Image Line's Fruity Loops, and Magix Samplitude Pro can purcahse Dimension Pro or Rapture for only $99 at select retailers through October 31st—

I own both of these synths and they are excellent. I get a lot more use out of Rapture (more synthy and wider programming capabilities) than I do DimensionPro (which is more of a ROMpler), but both sound amazing and at that price, there is no reason not to grab them.


Boreli said...

Tom, I read every post but I do not comment in the ones about tech because I am a no no in it. Hehehehehe!

Ps: From Defiance to Storm we have 2 years. From Storm to Meta, 3. When will be the next one? Second semester of 2009 or only in 2010? 2011?

Tom said...

Boreli - Thanks for the interest. There will actually be very little A23 content here, as this is intended to be a tech blog, so in the future, feel free to write me via the contact link on the A23 page. Anyway, to answer your question, we are aiming for September 2009

Boreli said...

Thanks Tom! And I´ll be checking Waveformless every day, ´cause I know nothing about tech, but I like to read your inputs.

BTW, do you frequent KVR fórum?

Rob said...

Hmm, I don't need any more virtual synths (haven't mastered the ones I have) but this might push me (my wallet) over the edge. I've heard many good things about Rapture and the price is pretty much an impulse buy!

Anonymous said...

Save $100. Rapture now $99 for a download.

Actually, most of Cakewalk's offerings have reduced download prices.