Monday, April 1, 2013

Waveformless Soundware Releases "Expanse" Soundset for Arturia SEM-V

I'm happy to announce my fifth soundset release with Waveformless Soundware, this time for Arturia's Oberheim SEM-V software synthesizer.  I personally think this is the best-sounding instrument Arturia has made.  It sounds uncannily alive and unmistakably analog.  You'll find lots of those types of sounds here... punchy basses, cutting leads, silky pads... but you'll also find sounds you'd never expect to get out of the SEM-V... "physically modeled" metallic koto, crisp, almost digital arpeggios, complex, almost modular-sounding evolving patches.  This is a soundset that truly lives up to its name demonstrating the full expanse of sounds possible with Arturia's awesome recreation of the Oberheim classic.  But don't take my word for it.  Listen to the demos below, and go grab 10 absolutely free demo patches here.

128 killer sounds for the ridiculous price of only $9.99 available from purchase right here.

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joel bisson said...

this is an amazing soundset tom, can you please make more arturia banks emulating 1970s and 80s sounds