Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Korg Announces Volca Grooveboxes

A few days before Musicmesse, the above image was making the rounds on the internet that seemed to show a series of new grooveboxes from Korg.  Initially assumed to be a hoax, it turns out the three new groovebox products are indeed real.

The Volca line consists of the Volca Beats (an analog drum machine with stutter effect), Volca Bass (a 303-esque bassline synth), and Volca Keys (a simple mono synth with Unison mode and built-in delay).  All three Volca's feature MIDI in and SYNC options so multiple Volca's can be chained together.  Little else info is available right now.


The Psybrid said...


Anonymous said...

Others have reported that the Volca Keys is in fact a poly synth, but I haven't really got any reliable background to support that. It would be much more useful if it was.

Tom said...

It looks like it has some sort of poly mode... maybe a divide-down deal?