Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Illformed Releases Glitch 2, Now With Mac & Linux Versions

I forgot to mention this one the other day, so file this under "better later than never".  Illformed/dblue  released the original Glitch as a free plug-in for Windows back in 2005.  Since then, it's become a favorite among producers looking to add some rhythmic interest to whenever they need to FSU, as it were.  Now, nearly 8 years later, Glitch is back with a more refined, slicker interface, and for the first time ever Mac and Linux support.  Glitch 2 retails for $59 and a demo version is also available.


  • Each program consists of 128 scenes that can be triggered via MIDI notes. Each scene has its own unique sequencer pattern, timing, and effect settings, allowing you to create tons of unique variations for every moment in your song, all ready to go at the press of a key!
  • Multi-lane sequencer allows many effects to be played simultaneously, to create interesting layered sounds.
  • Improved sequencer timing controls to better match your groove and song structure.
  • Intuitive pattern editor with drag'n'drop. Draw, erase, resize, split and join blocks with ease.


  • 9 cheeky little effect modules designed to slice, dice, chop, screw, twist, turn and mangle your sounds into radical new forms.
  • Tempo-synced effects can easily be dialled in to precise musical timings such as 16th notes, 8th note triplets, and so on.
  • Filter, mix, pan and volume controls on each module, to help shape and fine-tune the output.

Randomize, Mutate, Glitch!

  • Randomize and Mutate functions can be found at almost every level. Mutate a single effect to get slightly different parameter variations, or instantly Randomize everything in the entire scene to create unexpected, chaotic and inspiring results!

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