Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Polaroid Kiss - Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Rmx)

Polaroid Kiss - Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Remix) by Polaroid Kiss

I don't post my own work here very often, but I thought I'd share this remix I completed earlier this week as it includes sounds from both the Waveformless Soundware DUNE Spiceflow soundset as well as the recently released Omnisphere Encompass set.


Line of control said...

Very cool indeed Mr Shear.

How did you get that throbbing reverb effect in the beginning???

Tom said...

Just filtered white noise, fed through a big reverb, and then side-chain compressed using the kick as the side-chain

Ronnie said...

Sounds great, Tom!

Matrix12x said...

Great Track. Love the sounds.