Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Sample Friday: BOOZE!

As you may have heard on the news, Seattle has had a bunch of unseasonably wintery weather in the past couple of days. The mixture of snow and ice and the fact that Seattle only owns a handful of snowplows means that when it snows here, everything shuts down. And when everything shuts down, everyone goes to the store and stocks up on booze. So in that spirit, today we have 8 samples sourced from beer cans and bottles. 24-bit, 44.1k WAVs. As always, I urge you not to think of these as finished samples, but as the starting point for new and interesting sounds. Time stretch the hell out of them... use them as attack transients for other sounds... just have fun with them. Bottoms up!

1 comment:

Joël Bisson said...

Tom, do you think you can release Matrix synthesizer Presets you created for a freesamplefriday in the near future??? I want to buy this synth but cannot program digital synthesizer, I have a Roland JunoG and a Korg MS2000 but the Juno is to Complex to Control but if there were Professional Synth patches such as all your Presets are it would be worth downloading to use. and can you re-program the M6R to sound like Leatherstrip??? Claus uses this synth.