Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Access Announces Virus Ti OS 5

Including 2 additional, assignable envelopes, new filters, selectable filter slopes, and more...


Anonymous said...

Good news!
I have a Ti2 and i loved the bank you made a while ago! Would be nice if you could make another one, dedicated to vintage sounds from the 80's this time (jupiter, juno, pro one, moog...), cause i'm sure the Virus can do it !
Unfortunately, every bank for that synth is trance oriented, and it's a lil bit boring.
If I could, i would do it myself, but i'm not skilled enough yet.
Of course, i would pay for it.
Someone sent me a CS80 patch for the Ti, and it's amazing, sounds really really close to the original !
Thanks Tom!
Jerome (from france)

Pete said...

@ Jerome

You could learn how to program the virus. Here is the best tutorial you will find:


@ Tom

These are the absolute best tutorials for dance music anywhere. (I must point out that I don't work for DMP!) I have learnt so much from the Tutorials and from the DMP community at the forum. I just thought maybe you or your readers would like to know about the TI Tutorial or the other tutorials available from DMP. http://www.dancemusicproduction.com

Cheers - Pete