Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Open Thread: Tell Us What You Got for Xmas!

So, it's a couple days after Christmas now... anyone get any cool musical gifts? I got a Rode Deadkitten windscreen for my field recorder which should definitely help with outdoor recordings and a bunch of iTunes gifts cards. Share your haul in the comments!


Paul Seegers said...

I got stone guitar picks, MW3.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there guys!
I won Toontrack Drumtracker at Time&Space.


Some colleagues of mine saw my happy face. And when I told them I won, they sarcastically told assured me that I am kinda silly boy.

But I already have it installed.

Thanks to Time&Space and Toontrack!

Fernando said...

My musical gift was a Bajo Sexto. A little beat up and in need of some TLC - but it's a cute gift. My loved one remembered me playing it a few months back, then talking myself out of buying it.

fractured said...

I got the V Collection from Arturia. I told my wife about the deal for Arturia owners ($150 if you own one of the instruments) and she bought it for me. So far, I really love the sound of this stuff. I just wish it included the new SEM synth! I suspect I'll find a way to work that out, though.

Prof. [glazzy] said...

Not yet… I mean I have to decide between a Moog Slim Phatty or a Doepfer Dark Energy… any suggestions? :P

Adam Dubbleu said...

I got coal.
Which I will carve into an ocarina.

and sample.

Anonymous said...

I kinda spoiled myself (SCREW YOU SANTA!) and got a shiny new MacBook Pro, added Max/MSP and Max For Live to my sonic arsenal. I'll probably never buy a plugin again - Max does it all and then some. I also got alot of iTunes gift cards, which is always welcome.

line of control said...

i got myself a mint Korg Legacy MS20 with controller and software....mmmmm...love that filter.

That drunk guy said...

The big present was a Mazda Tribute...unfortunately it was delivered at about 20 mph straight into the trunk of our Toyota while my wife and daughter were stopped in traffic on I-5. Everyone was OK and fortunately the driver that caused the accident *was insured* (with Progressive who have been super great to deal with so far).

The smaller present was a Line6 M9 stomp box modeler- well built (all metal construction), stereo ins and outs (I'm assuming it will take line level input), does three effects at a time (has 100 different FX models), and includes a 28 second looper. So far I've only been able to try it through my 1 watt BlackStar amp, but it has sounded really really good. Highly recommended!

While I have vowed to never buy a piece of Line6 gear, this was a gift so it qualifies as an exception- the vow is still intact!