Wednesday, December 7, 2011

D16 Offers Holiday Discounts

Plug-in developers D16 Group have announced a Christmas/New Year's sale on their wares, with savings up to 45%. Here are the details:

"Get a 20% discount instantly on any single product from our online shop. Should you decide you want to purchase more than one product, you will get a 20% discount for your first item and 30% off each additional item (this excludes bundles). This only applies to products purchased as part of single order.

To buy more than one product in a single order, just click the Purchase button next to any one product you'd like to have (your 20% discount will be reflected right away). Then, you'll be redirected to the share*it! website where you can add other products to your basket with a 30% discount on each.

Discounts for bundled products

There's also a discount for those of you who prefer to purchase bundles over single products: if you decide to buy a D16 Group bundle, you'll get 30% off the price (up to 45% off what you would pay if you were to purchase each product individually).

New bundle prices are as follows:
  • Total Bundle is 329 Eur ( 439 USD / 279 GBP )
  • Classic Boxes Collection is 199 Eur ( 265 USD / 169 GBP )
  • SilverLine Collection is 139 Eur ( 185 USD / 119 GBP )

How long will these deals last?

This offer is time limited and ends on January 15th, 2012."

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septic tanks emptying lancashire said...

Think I'll defo check out this sale. 20% sounds like a pretty sweet deal