Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FXpansion to Release Drum Synth?

So what's up for plug-in gurus (no pun intended) FXpansion? Apparently a monster drum synth called Tremor. Featuring 8 different engines (including oscillators taken from DCAM Synth Squad), the plug-in is also supposed to contain step sequencing and extensive modulation capabilities. Price is to be around $99.

No details on the website yet, although this FAQ was located by an enterprising KVR reader.

And speaking of FXpansion prices... For a limited time you can get DCAM Synth Squad for $99 or Geist for $149!


Ronnie said...

Between Microtonic, Drumaxx, Punch, and a boatload of samples, my drum sound needs are pretty well covered. I find this news pretty exciting nonetheless.

Tom said...

Yeah, this seems to be the sentiment among a lot of posts I'm seeing, but given FXpansion's track record, I have to admit, I'm intrigued.

bb said...

Me also. This is an interesting time, really great stuff coming out that I would have jumped on years ago and I just can’t justify getting it.

Microtonic, Drumaxx, Drum Spillage, Tattoo (love them all) and almost 5 Gig of just drum machine one shot samples and a couple actual drum machines. That’s not even thinking about all the real drum samples and kits. I really think I’m set for drums.