Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Strobe Bass

Today's free samples consist of 6 multi-sampled notes of a vintage type bass sound I made on FXpansion's excellent Strobe synth (reviewed here). 24-bit WAV files as usual.


Unknown said...

I love Synth Squad because Grendel uses it and when it was released I tried it out before having being in Contact with Grendel on my space which they used many synths like Sytrus VSTi and Vanguard, SynPlant and others but Since you use it, Tom, I will make a complete preset VSTi bank for Strobe because they are wonderful but I use Arturia and Superwave Plus ImageLine synths the most and most songs are only done with FL Studio's Inhouse Plugins which is the FST extension for Presets so I will give all my Sytrus Presets and my Strobe Bank when I am done making it by Christmas hopefully or at least on my birthday during the holidays. but my Blog has Free Samples so for Waveformers (which in my book are WAVEFORMLESS Addicts) I have free sample fridays kind of thing, I will release more to my blog of certain presets, I think giving is not only generous act but it is a way to keep the music alive, I remember back in 2003 I never programmed presets until 2004-2011 and I found that it is easier to use someone else presets if you don't have the sound and they do, maybe my sytrus presets will have something for everyone because is a little over 1000 presets with new and older presets. Thanks for the Strobe Samples Tom, Enjoy the Weekend and next week.

Katie Marie said...

Love strobe lights! I wish grown up could still have then in there house and not be looked at funny!