Monday, October 24, 2011

Anyone Else See Portishead?

Just got back from Portishead's amazing performance in Seattle. Anyone else catch the shows on the U.S. tour? Worth it for the stripped down "Wandering Star/Glorybox" mash-up alone. I'll admit to getting some tears in my eyes when Beth Gibbons did her amazing Theremin impression during that one.

The band did a near flawless job of recreating their studio sound on stage and that obviously meant bringing a lot of gear. Does anyone know what the synth with the home-made "Silycon" tag on the back was? Looked kind of like a Pro One from the back panel layout, but I wasn't close enough to see. At any rate, here is an excellent article from 2009 on the gear they use for those who get geeked out about such things.

[photo by Jennifer Wyatt]


Our Life (snapshots included) said...

Was def in my Top 5 shows of my life! Sooo good! I LOVED that Beth came down & hugged & thanked fans in the crowd! One of the highlights of my husbands life for sure! She's amazing!

Tom said...

Yeah, my one regret was that I was too far back to get a hug from Beth.

line of control said...

very cool. one of my all time fave bands.
seen some mad documentaries where Barrow was geeking out over some Tibetan singing bowls!
single handedly created an entire genre of music and wannabes...