Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Phone Drums

Today's Free Sample Friday comes via my belief that everything sounds more interesting if you use recording methods that color your sound.  With that in mind, today's selection consists of some Alesis SR-16 sounds sampled into an Ensoniq EPS-16+ and then recorded using my iPhone's Voice Memo function from my studio monitors.

The result is noisy, clipped, out of phase, and just plain lo-fi sounding.  Not the type of sound you'll use on every track, but perhaps a little something different to add some spice in the right spot.  I also included a sample of some body noise picked up by the phone when I was changing hand position that could be used as a faux vinyl crackle, or even an IDM rhythm if you warped it right in Live.

26 mono WAV samples @24-bit/44.1k weighing in around 1.25 MB.


1 comment:

rayzr said...

Not sure if anyone is in the know about this but there is a VSTi called "Speakerphone" that can be used to achieve the same effect.. Though i'm not certain they have any kind of iPhone preset (They have older cellphones, however).

You can actually simulate a bullhorn or PA, Walkie Talkie, or cellphone on a bad connection (even those old brick ones from the 90s)

The downside is they are asking a hefty price for it, and so perhaps your DIY method is a cheaper solution.