Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beatport Announces Erasure Remix Contest

Ever wanted to have a crack at remixing synth-pop legends Erasure? Beatport is now offering that opportunity (for a price) and is offering prizes from Native Instruments, Novation, Elektron, iZotope, and more. You can download the stems for $3.99 and remix them to your heart's content. Submissions are accepted from October 25th to November 7th, and the public will then vote for their favorite remixes between November 8th and 22nd.

How do you all feel about paying to download stems to remix? I have kind of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, back in the 80's and 90's, I probably would've paid many times the asking price for access to the isolated tracks from my favorite bands, but in the present climate the music industry is in, it seems a bit odd to me for some reason.


diy said...

I think paying for stems is a means of getting only serious people involved. Remix contests with free stems end up with a zillion remixes, most of which are nonsense put together in an hour. OTOH, it does feel like a bit of a cashgrab...

Jorge from Madrid said...

Yeah! I know what yoy mean.

Basically they're asking for you to give your best in exchange of possible exposure and a price. The act offering the tracks receives many mixes, or at least more than paying another dedicated producer to do the job, apart from the income of those master tracks, which although relative small, is something.

In terms of exposure, I completely understand that remixing Erasure (or any other famous artists) could put you in the map and that could be a chance for a career, but if it's only for fun or musical interest, there's tons of musicians with tracks and/or content freely available around the web.

Creative Commons licensing, anyone?

Peace from Madrid


Line Of Control said...

i was willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get Alan Wilder's Emax sounds- not even for the historic value, but just to have access to the raw sounds.

I would still pay a hefty ransom for the sounds from pretty much every DM album up to Violator (the ones after that...not so much..)

Would love to have other bands release music in this format. Would be so much fun to play with.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda weird, but sooner or later they'll end up on soulseek or on a torrent anyways