Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remiix International Feel Released for iPhone

"To help celebrate their two year anniversary, remix the Balearic sounds of the mysterious label from Uruguay: International Feel. Remiix International Feel is an interactive record, a 2011 version of Brian Eno’s ‘Generative Music’. Combine instrumental loops, playful vocals, slo-mo drum & percussion loops and mercury infused basslines, straight from the shores of Vesuvius.

What is Remiix
The concept is simple. Songs are meticulously organized in four groups or reels. Mix loops from different reels in ANY combination; it’s guaranteed to sound like a professional mix. The sounds are all automatically beat-matched and re- pitched in key. Tweak the sounds with studio-grade effects to add some subtle flavour or to completely transform the material. A high-quality, streamlined, artist-themed interface, including an artist and label info page, adds to the experience.

What is International Feel
Says label boss Mark B: “International Feel is based in Punta Del Este on Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast. The label came into existence to create a home for open minded music heads driven by 100% passion and perfection in everything we do. Whether it be the music itself or the vinyl cut... the artwork or the remixes, we strive to create pieces of music and artwork that play with expectations, never drop the quality and become desirable and collectable items of timeless beauty.”

Over the past 12 months International Feel has released tracks and remixes by DJ Harvey, Daniele Baldelli, Still Going, Greg Wilson, Joakim, Quiet Village and many others, as well as breaking new artists like Rocha and Hungry Ghost. This year has also seen acclaimed album releases from Gatto Fritto and DJ Harvey’s Locussolus project (from which two tracks are included on this version of Remiix).


Hungry Ghost - Illuminations
Bubble Club - The Goddess
Rocha - Hands Of Love
Locussolus - Next To You
Coyote - Moving
Locussolus - I Want It"

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Using this application is almost like a dream come true. To have control over separate links and mix on the go is great.