Thursday, September 22, 2011

AudioSpillage Announces MiniSpillage 2

AudioSpillage has announced the release of MiniSpillage 2, a drum instrument for Mac in AU format.  The new version builds on the drum synthesis abilities of MiniSpillage and adds sampling abilities allowing you to combine the best of both worlds.  Also new is the integrated step sequencer.  MiniSpillage2 is available for pre-order for just $25.  Here's the details:

What's new in MiniSpillage 2
• Integrated 8 track sequencer• Re-modelled drum synth section• Load and play WAV/AIFF files• Improved preset browser• 4 stereo audio outputs• Upgraded overdrive effects• Alternative themes
Key Sequencer Features:
• 8 part pattern based step sequencer• Modulate parameters via sequencer• Assign patterns to MIDI keys• Groove quantize / swing controls• Copy/paste pattern editor
Key Synthesis Features:
• 4 custom drum synthesis algorithms• Load and play WAV/AIFF files• 3 ADSR envelopes per pad• 2 LFOs per pad• 1 Overdrive and 1 filter unit per pad• Extensive editing features• High resolution DSP code• 64-bit compatibility

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