Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apple Talks About Next Version of Logic: Logic Pro X

Looks like we have the first hints at what the next version of Logic (to be called Logic Pro X).  Not much is leaking at this point, but apparently the team working on it is very conscious of the type of backlash we recently saw against the dumbing down of Final Cut.  They've apparently said that there is no plan to turn Logic into Garage Band, as many have feared.  The new version of Logic will apparently only be available via the App store as had been the trend recently.  According to the sources, Logic Pro X is approaching completion, so it shouldn't be too much longer before we know more.

[via appleinsider]


8-Bit Jay said...

Hmm, may be a beefy download.

This guy brings up a good point:

Originally Posted by Netimoon

" Unlike FCP, Logic Studio consumes a lot more hard-drive space. is just 500MB more or less. However, the sound samples and AUs that are virtual instruments Logic uses take about 45GB. Will we have to download 45GB from Mac App Store or will Apple come up with some idea? They can compress the sound samples, they usually are 44.1kHz, 1411bps, AIFF, to 256kbps AAC files. it might work great. 256kbps AACs are really great and I don't think non-professional listeners will distinguish each other. However, if Apple does not perform those action, users will have to download 45GB, or even worse, Apple will just KILL sound samples and AUs. We know Apple can. (the bad)"

I know connection speeds are getting better, but even Logic itself comes with a load of content.

For the record, I have Logic Express 9, and may hold off on the upgrade to Pro until a) X is released and i buy that, or b) x is released and Pro 9 seems like a better deal.

Even then, Logic Express was around a 10GB install.

Fonz D said...

Geez would they hurry up. I am ready for that next version.