Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KiloHearts Updates ONE Synth

KiloHeartz have released version 1.012 of their ONE softsynth.  Here's what's new:

"* FEATURE: Noise waveform in main oscillators.
* FEATURE: Oscillator sync on main oscillators.
* FIXED: A bug in chorus where it would not stop processing even when silent.
* FIXED: Renaming preset's doesn't work well in Cubase and Nuendo.
* FIXED: Synapse Orion has a hard time detecting kHs ONE after it has been installed.
* FIXED: FXB/FXP files exported by kHs ONE can not be loaded by some DAWs.
* FIXED: The Global LFO Rate knob behaves a bit strangely when the LFO is in Sync mode.

New in this version is that it will require a product key to activate it. You will only have to enter your product key once (we recommend that you copy and paste it since it's quite long). This change was neccesary to allow us to sell the synth through other channels than our homepage. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."

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