Monday, August 8, 2011

PSP Releases Noble Q and Noble Qex

PSP has announced the release of NobleQ and NobleQex, both based on vintage passive EQ designs. Here is what they say about it:

"PSP NobleQ combines the most beloved features of classic passive program equalizers, but adds a wide range of frequency settings and cutting-edge functionality. To make this plug-in a more versatile tool we added several modern features such as an adjustable high pass filter, and the ability to switch high peak and shelf filters to Boost or Attenuation operation. PSP NobleQ sounds excellent either as a transparent or a color EQ.

PSP NobleQex is an extended version of the PSP NobleQ. It offers all the features of PSP NobleQ with an additional middle bell filter and adjustable low-shelf dip frequency shift. Download the demo and try it out today!

The fully operational 14 days demo (which doesn't require any hardware dongle) is available now on our download page.

Introductory offer!

Until 31st August 2011 you can buy PSP NobleQ at the special introductory price of $59* (15% off). Starting from 1st September 2011 regular price $69* will be applied. (*all prices exclude taxes)

You can buy PSP NobleQ at an even better price if you already own current version any of our processor plug-ins (the more PSP plug-ins you own, the better discount you get). To see your price, log-in to your account at our user area."


nulldevice said...

I bought this yesterday, because PSP had never steered me wrong.

And it is, in fact, wonderful.

puertas metalicas exterior said...

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