Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arturia Releases DIY Sample Templates for Spark

Arturia have released a free (for a limited time) expansion pack allowing users to import samples and build their own kits. Here are the details:

"We are happy to release two free D.I.Y. sample templates for the joy of Spark users and experimenters.

As their name suggest, these templates are designed to let you import your own samples and access almost limitless sonic possibilities.
So forget about the static nature of your sample collections and give them a new life thanks to our TAE processing!
  • D.I.Y. Drum Template : optimized from all types of drum sounds, it includes analog modules such as Frequency Shifter, Filter Sweep, Reflector, and more. This template is guaranteed to bring a unique edge and character to your drums.
  • D.I.Y. FX Template : adapted to any kind of samples, this second template will allow you to process your signal through 16 unique effects such as : Stereo Expander, Robotizer, Frequency Modulator... so be ready for some wild experimentations!"

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