Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Logic's Pedalboard: Not Just for Guitars

One of the new plug-ins that showed up in the last major revision of Logic was Pedalboard. For some strange reason, it seems as if it hardly ever gets a mention, and that's a shame, as it's really a very fun sound design tool.

Sure, it was made with guitars in mind, but it is equally great for mangling your synths, drums, vocals, or whatever else you care to throw at it. I've long been a proponent of guitar stomp boxes as a source of unique sounds, and pedalboard gives you a virtual array of these which can be arranged in any combination and order you like. Distortion, fuzz, ring modulation, wah filters, chorus, phaser, flanger... you name it, if it's a type of stomp box, you're likely to find it available here. When you take into account these particular effects combos only take up a single insert and that you can apply as many further plug-ins as your processor can handle, you can see how powerful the possibilities are.

So the next time you're looking for a way to add a unique touch to your synths, don't pass over stuff like Pedalboard just because it was made for guitars. The results might surprise you.

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AfroDJMac said...

Great advice, I'd love it if Ableton busted something like this out!