Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hiss and Roar Releases Free Version of Tortured Piano Library, Announces Contest

Hiss and Roar, the sample developer arm of the excellent Music of Sound blog, has released a free version of their recently-released Tortured Piano library. The free library consists of 45 stereo 16-bit/44.1k WAV samples and is available here (where, incidentally, you'll find a number of other cool and unusual free samples).

If you find yourself feeling inspired by what you download, they're also running a contest. Impress them with what you do with the free samples and you could win a full copy of the library. Here's the rules as outlined on Music on Sound...

" 1. The only source material must be from the TORTURED PIANO FREE library. You can obviously manipulate and process them in any way you like, but no other sound sources are allowed (eg other samples, instruments, recordings etc)

2. Upload your finished entry to Soundcloud and add a comment below with a link to it

3. Submissions must be uploaded & a comment added here BEFORE Monday 8th August

There will be three winners and each winner will receive a free copy of the full 192kHz 7GB Tortured Piano library. I have no idea what criteria I’ll use when listening and choosing, because I am totally open to what might be created…. Surprise me!"

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