Monday, July 4, 2011

Hell Freezes Over: ImpOSCar 2 Released for Mac

The forever-impending release of GForce's ImpOSCar 2 has become something akin to the release of the next Duke Nuke'em game. But lo and behold, the release of the Mac version was announced today with the PC version to follow. Here's what GForce had to say:

"Some say we've behaved like over-protective parents, refusing to let our corpulent teenager out for fear of it bullying the other kids on the block. That may indeed be true but we're finally pleased to announce that the Mac version of impOSCar2 is being given its independence.

There's a Mac demo version
here. The demo version is unlocked by purchasing a license.

With a little luck the PC version will follow before 2013 (joke) and will automatically be allocated to the account of anyone who purchases the Mac version.

There are three ways to purchase the instrument:

impOSCar2 is €139.00 (plus VAT where applicable) Only available directly from our


Acey Riot said...

now THAT is some good news, i used that a lot on my old stuff when i was using a pc but now i have all these presets that i like just sitting there gathering dust. tom you made my 4th

Sean said...

Well, hopefully it will be better than Duke Nukem Forever ended up being.

Paul Seegers said...

How about doing a sound set for Imposcar? I know, new CD first.