Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Travelogue

As most of you know, I recently returned from a short tour of Europe. While I was there I grabbed some cool sounds I thought you might dig. This soundpack is on the larger side [8+ MB] and because of the length of some of the samples, I had to use MP3 format instead of WAV, but I used a high bitrate, so they sound find. Here's what's included:

• Glasgow Elevator 01 & 02
The hotel we stayed at in Glasgow had one of the strangest "floor announcements" recordings I'd ever heard. The woman sounds like she's in a cavern. Two separate samples, one for each floor. Recorded on my iPhone. (By the way, ladies, if a Scottish gentleman ever offers to show you a "Glasgow Elevator", politely decline and avert your eyes ASAP.)

• Spain Crowd
I wish I could say this was our audience in Barcelona, but this is actually the audience going nuts and calling for an encore after OMD's awesome set that night. But you can totally slap it on one of your recordings and make your friends think you're a big deal in Spain. Recorded on my iPhone.

• Leipzig Birds
This was the lovely sound outside my hotel window during the nice part of the day. About midway through, there's a pretty cool stereo flyover by a very noisy bird. Recorded on my Zoom H2.

• Leipzig Rain
This was taken earlier the same day when there was light, but constant rain. I think you can hear the muffled voices of people in the next room, too. Recorded on my Zoom H2.



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