Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Tech Stabs Revisited

If you've trawled backwards to check out some of the older Free Sample Friday selections, you've probably come across a few broken links. Unfortunately, this was due to a screw-up with the file host and I hadn't held on to copies of those samples for myself. So, my mission over the next couple of weeks is to recreate and replace those lost sounds. The sounds won't be identical, obviously, just in the same category. And if you happened to have the original files, then these will give you some brand new ones to play with.

The first of these is the tech stabs pack. These are all tech-oriented chords great for use in ambient, dub, tech house, minimal and more. Actually, one of the stabs is just a single note quite different from the others sounding like a busted up old home keyboard. This was also made with a vocoder, believe it or not.

As with the original, 6 sounds as 24-bit/44,1k WAVs. Enjoy!



john said...

Don't know if it's helpful but I've got a few of the older free sample selections. Wouldn't be too great a hassle to upload them somewhere if you want them back.

drop me a mail if you do - john < at > jeye co uk said...

This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.