Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Announcement from Propellerheads Later Today

Swedish software developers Propellerheads posted the cryptic picture above on their website along with a note that they would be making a big announcement Tuesday at noon. What do you think it will be? My guesses:

• They will announce they are totally bankrupt and had to resort to hiring a 10-year-old to draw the above picture. Price? Cookies.

• The echoing "Help" suggests that they are about to unveil a brand new delay plug-in. Because it's Propellerheads, the delay plug-in will have to run as a separate app from Reason and Record. All the typical essentials found in most delay plug-ins such as a wet/dry mix, programmable delay time, and feedback levels will be fed to an alligator who will then poop out three additional separate apps to control those aspects of the plug-in. The manual will be issued as yet another separate app.

• In all seriousness... many people are speculating it could be a version of Record for the iPad. Or perhaps a stripped down version of Record or Reason? What do you think it will be?

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Anonymous said...

Something to do with code/text?
There are 2 more teaser images, check source of the first and you'll see 2 and 3