Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Synapse Audio DUNE Updates to Version 1.35

Synapse Audio have updated their DUNE synth to version 1.35 (changes listed below).

In case you missed it, I happened to have recently released a soundset for DUNE called Waveformless DUNE Spiceflow. You can check out demos below. Only $9.99 for 128 sounds.

Finally, I like to include programming tips for the synths I release soundset for. You can check out the first post regarding DUNE, which details how to simulate handclap sounds using the arpeggiator.

Now the details on 1.35 from the Synapse Audio website:

"Synapse DUNE has been updated to version 1.35, a maintenance update addressing a couple of minor issues:

  • On the second modulation matrix page, the row numbers were incorrect, fixed.
  • The MIDI Forget option did not work properly, fixed.
  • The LP24 Ladder filter model could go unstable when both high resonance and FilterFM were used at the same time, fixed.
  • [Win] Ctrl+Click now sets the default value from the Init Patch.
  • [Win] Cubase 6-64 did not always detect Dune, fixed.
  • [OSX] Logic 9 Touch Automation did not work in the 64-bit Audio Unit, fixed.
  • [OSX] Command+Click now sets the default value from the Init Patch.
  • [OSX] The 32- and 64-bit editions are now installed in a single package. By clicking on the Dune logo, you can see which edition you're currently running."
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