Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing Waveformless Soundware's DUNE Spiceflow

I am proud to announce the release of Waveformless Soundware's second soundset DUNE Spiceflow, for Synapse Audio's excellent DUNE synth. 128 patches, loadable both as a bank or as individual sounds, and full documentation for only $9.99!

The sounds in this set are mostly aimed at the dancefloor with sounds appropriate for electro house, dubstep, trance, EBM, and more. Demos are below, but if those aren't enough to convince you, you can download 10 free sounds from the set here.

Oh, and by the way, ALL the sounds in the demo are coming straight out of DUNE, even the drums. No external effects were used.


Joël Bisson said...

I'm looking forward to buy this soundset when I finally buy DUNE myself but I love DUNE using the demo lets you save your presets and recall them when you register the plug-in, I will release more presets for Free Sample Fridays with DUNE after hearing Your preset soundcloud demos, thanks tom.

You're an inspiration to many and myself and we love Waveformless.

Line of Control said...

SpiceFlow for Dune...
Well played young Sir, well played indeed.

The sleeper must awaken.

PHiL said...

Never tryed this synth but it looks very good !.... The sound is warm and complex... I think that I gonna spend some euro to buy it... And maybe later... I gonna buy your patches !

Tom said...

@Joel - Thanks!
@Line of Control - I've been pleased that people got the reference. I struggled with whether to call it that or not thinking it would just leave people scratching their heads.
@Phil - Yeah, it's quite a cool synth. Very easy to program, but with enough under the hood that you can go deep if you want to.