Monday, May 30, 2011

Imaginary Covers

This has nothing to do with electronic music per se, but I found it sort of interesting. The original poster recreated the underrated Pixes' track "Hey" as if Prince had done a cover of it. It's kind of interesting deconstruction of what makes a particular artist sound the way they do. What covers that never happened would you like to hear?

[via WorseBrains on YouTube]


Adam Dubbleu said...

Henry Rollins and Beardyman collaboration to cover "Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin.

Anonymous said...

Beastie Boys cover Tears for Fears "Woman in Chains" or "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".

Unknown said...

I want to see many of people covering other people like Frank Sinatra, Jr. doing my Lyrics but this is never possible when you can't get certain people to sing on a cover you want them to do or lyrics you sing, everything cost money but then again everyone has there prices....I'd say Depeche Mode doing a cover of any of DE/VISION songs because I like David Gahan's Voice more than Steffan, but I love De/Vision more than Depeche on certain songs.