Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scientists Believe Sonic "One-Way Mirrors" May Be Possible

I feel like we're starting to enter an age where our scientific progress is going to make some groundbreaking discoveries. Not just things that help us in day to day life, but things that utterly shatter our preconceived notions of how the world around us operates.

For instance, a pair of Italian scientists have come up with a mathematical formula that seems to suggest it would be possible to construct a material that allows sound to pass through one way, but not the other. Thus, people behind a wall of this material would be able to hear you, but you wouldn't be able to hear them. The implications something like this could have for espionage is pretty staggering, but more importantly, it has given us a new way of looking at sound and challenges some of what we believed before.

So in honor of this interesting discovery, I thought the video for Clock DVA's "Sound Mirror" would be an appropriate accompaniment.


Czad said...

The singularity is near!

Paul said...

Link to article?

Tom said...

Click the "via Geekosystem" link

Jeff said...

More mundanely, use such a material to set up a home studio without having to build a complex and expensive, soundproof room - just use panels of this hypothetical material.